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As a result of the unification of the Primitive and Wesleyan Methodist orders, the New Methodist Chapel was built.  The Stonelaying Ceremony took place on Saturday 25th September, 1937, and was attended by:
  • Mr E.K. Martell, of Kempston Manor - who presdied, and was noted for doing much to help the work of Methodism in Bedfordshire,
  • Rev. T. Henry Ranns (Ampthill Circuit Minister),
  • Rev. T.R. Spray (Superintendent of the Bedford Cauldwell St Circuit),
  • Rev. W. Hall (Chairman of the North London District),
  • Rev. C.H. Luckman (of London),
  • Rev. W.E. Lane (Rector of Clophill),
  • Mr E.A. Yorke (Circuit Steward).

The service was opened with the hymn "Christ is the Foundation", followed by a prayer by Rev. C.H. Luckman and reading by Rev. T.R. Spray.

During the Ceremony, the Chairman appealed for continuing determination of the Methodists to ensure that the Chapel opened debt free.

The architect, Mr Broklehurst, gave a brief description of the premises:
  • Accomodation for 215 adults,
  • No pews, only chairs,
  • A Sunday School Room to hold 90, partitioned by a folding screen,
  • Two vestries,
  • A kitchen, with tea boiler,
  • Electrically lighted,
  • Hot water low pressure system,
  • Organ fitted with an electric blower.

The actual Stonelaying Ceremony took place following the hymn "O Thou who hath brought us unto this joyful day", initiated by the Chairman, K. Martell.

The service concluded with the hymn "Father of men in whom are one", the Benediction.  There then followed a public tea, attended by nearly 200 people.

(Information taken from Ampthill News (28th September, 1937), kindly provided by R. Brough)
25th Sept, 1937